• Food intolerance


    What food are you intolerant to?
    What is the food that make you fat?
    Is Your diet effective?

  • Mineralogram


    Test your current health status and trends to future diseases through the analysis of minerals, trace elements and toxic metals.

  • Intestinal dysbiosis


    The intestine in balance is the key to well-being!

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Our team

A winning team, an exceptional team that makes up the staff of DAPHNE LAB.

A company founded in 2004 and that in a few years has established itself on the national market and on the international scene with third generation tests, training courses and new advanced technologies in the field of natural medicine. A team of naturopaths, beauticians, managers, creators, a scientific committee, columnists, journalists, laboratories and agents.
DAPHNE LAB is a company with patented procedures, information systems and information flow coded in quality grids, compliant with ISO 9001: 2008. Respects ECOELIA directives of ecological bioethics.