Who we are

DaphneLab Quality

Quality system conforms UNI EN ISO 9001.

The Daphne Lab has adopted the ISO 9001 manual integrating and strengthening the relationship of trust and transparency to customers.

  • The BioMetaTests were related by a pilot study conducted by Health Entity that showed a repeatability of the findings of 94% with an error of only 6%. The Daphne Lab has achieved the highest score in terms of sanitary study to test the same category in Europe.
  • Our management systems are controlled by very strict design grids defined by scientific parameters established by the European community and international policies. All this is part of the ISO 9001. The Daphne Lab systems and all BioMetaTest products respect these processes of Quality in order to apply a philosophy oriented to the customer and not to profit. You can download the historical of our past ISO 9000 and 9001 from the Daphne Lab’s website.
  • Also we apply ISO 14001 procedures on the correctness of eco-systemic processes in full respect of the environment, using materials, procedures and policies of low impact towards our planet, because it is necessary to hold a greener world for a better future for our children.

Our philosophy

All our philosophy is based on the discovery of a new method to amplify the signals of the bio test with a substances’s class called “ homeopathic metasubstance”.

This bring us in the heart of our customer’s problem, if a costumer feels the need to undergo himself a test the thing should not die only to the cold analysis of the test but to continue towards a psychological interpretation of the test, to a deep reading of inside disturbance , of anxieties, of vitamin, functional ecc.. deficiencies, of the intimate organism in holistic sense.
All this means analyzing the human being with a new philosophy of the Being that we called “Biology from the depth”, because allows to see a problem from more angulations and a need to more levels of depth.
Our philosophy is based on the depth of the soul, immense as a Universe, large as an horizon, every doctor should understand that behind a patient it always hides a human being that asks help in many ways and a lot of languages .
Comprehending, understanding, penetrating the human soul: this is the true medical science forgotten in the centuries.

Our main BioMetaTests

Bio Energetic Analysis of Food Intolerances. Thema 01 is able to supply you a table of foods to which you are intolerant, a personalized diet, an analysis of values useful to your doctor in confidence, a therapeutic program and an evaluation of interpretation, that no other test supplies you.


Bio Energetic Analysis of Mineralogram and Toxic Metals. The Thema 02 Mineralogram is suitable for checking your current health status and the trends for possible future diseases. Through the analysis of functional tables of Minerals and their ratios, it will also be possible to deepen the analysis of the general endocrine functioning of some processes of adaptation to stress and the response of the organism.


Bio Energetic Analysis of Intestinal Dysbiosis. The 60% of diseases depends by an intestinal dysbiosis, ie from a right balance of the intestinal bacterial flora. Our digestive system plays a key role in health and correct lifestyle, when this balance is altered they are triggered pathological chain reactions!