Detailed procedure on how to request the Daphne BioMetaTest

Procedure to follow for direct requests

Follow these 5 simple steps:

A: cut a small lock of hair (about 1cm thick and with length from 1 cm) and place the sample in a small paper or plastic bag, or you can use hairs (specify the sampling area).


B: Download the BioMetaTest application form62, click HERE


C: fill out the form 62 in all its parts


D: place your order and choose the payment method. Wait for confirmation


E: send the form 62 with the bag containing the hair and the receipt of payment to the address below (preferably by registered mail):

Eldavia / Daphne Lab
c/o Mail Boxes Etc. 529
Via San Rocco, 79/81
80016 Marano di Napoli (NA)

Our lab will process your request, analyze the hair sample based on DAPHNE LAB’s patented testing methodology and prepare a personalized protocol, according to the Thema you have chosen. 
You will receive the test report by email.